5 Things To Know If You Want To ‘Own’ Your Wedding Dance

You might have been imagining that perfect wedding since your childhood where nothing steals the show but you. However, our experience tells us that it is unlikely to happen and the drunken shenanigans of your distant uncle are going to haunt your wedding video for life. What if you could have that one perfect wedding dance and steal everyone’s thunder for a moment at least? If that excites you, we strongly recommend looking for the best choreographer in Delhi and start rehearsing for the D-day.

Before you do that, keep in mind that when everything is in a state of chaos even the perfectly planned wedding dance can end up being a blemish. We take a look at the five rules that can help you ‘OWN’ that first dance as a couple:

1.       Hire Professionals

Imagine every other Indian wedding dance and remind us what you see. Most likely you imagined couples that looked rather unprepared for the ‘attention’ and were unintentionally hilarious at best. It is a wedding and your moves that you learnt at a club night wouldn’t make the cut. Hire professionals and keep it ‘Desi’. Look for a Bollywood Dance Troupe in Delhi that can help you learn a thing or two.

2.       Stay In Your Comfort Zone

If your loved one is someone shy and just cannot keep up with your skills then don’t force them into it. Not even the bestchoreographer in Delhi can help someone dance perfectly in sync in a fortnight. Instead look for a rather simple song that doesn’t require moving like a ninja. Since everyone is going to judge your chemistry based on the dance, it is imperative that you choose something that you both are comfortable with.

3.       Don’t Invite Kids

Another Indian wedding dance cliché is kids on the stage with the couple. We get that you love your niece but that is your moment and perhaps for the best to give the people what they have come to see. In fact, kids can be unpredictable and can ruin the dance completely. Hire a Bollywood dance group if you fancy company on the stage.

4.       Keep It Short

This is honestly for the couples that kind of ‘overstay their welcome’. Your wedding comprises of various ceremonies and rituals, apart from the dance and it is best to keep it short. The manager of a Bollywood Dance Troupe in Delhi recommends keeping it under 4 minutes and, yes that includes the time your husband is going to spend shying away from the guests.

5.       Stay Trendy

It is almost 2020 and the last thing people want you to do is a simple ballroom dance. We bet if you start with eyes in his eyes and his hand in your hand while the other lands at your waist then the guests wouldn’t even bother the ‘awkwardness’. Look for videos online from any Bollywooddance group and try to keep it quirky.

These were some of the things that you need to keep in mind when contemplating the wedding dance on your own. However, if you want to ace your first dance as a couple then search for the best choreographer in Delhi.


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