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Footloose and Fancy-Free With Dancekabila

Don’t just walk, dance! Without dance, the world is how the earth without rain is. In today’s world dance is the cure to all your problems. From a toddler to an elderly, it can get anyone to smile, in a fraction of seconds. It doesn’t only keep you physically fit, but it keeps you energized as well, and sets the mood for the whole day. To be have been born with perfect limbs is a sheer blessing, and dance is a justice to such a blessing. If dance has been a part of your life openly, or secretly, it is something you will never say no to, then Dancekabila is the right stop for you. We are a team of best choreographers in Delhiwho are professional, entertaining and everything that you are looking for!
From tapping to shaking we’ve the best choreographers in Delhi Dancekabila is a destination for every dancer. Here, everyone is taught to stimulate their brain, open their mind and to let the better things enter. Here, we focus on every individual’s need independently. We focus on how to turn…

Shake a leg in your wedding with Dancekabila

What a pulse is to our heart, dance is to our feet. With dance, you express yourself, you find yourself, you identify what brings you happiness, and you elevate yourself. We at Dancekabila, have the best wedding choreographer in Delhi that will help you find a rhythm to match your heartbeat! Dance doesn’t only strengthen your muscles, but with a little bit of flexing every now and then, it actually keeps you mentally fit.

Groove onto your wedding with best wedding choreographers in Delhi We have done an entire research on dance techniques, variations, and styles, and are bringing in front of you, only a masterpiece on your big day. If you think that you have that potential in you, then we will help nurture those unique skills of yours. Whether you want the taste of ‘London Thumakda’ at your wedding or Shakira style moves we’ve perfectioned every dance style to add grace to your wedding. Every time you listen to ‘Bom Diggy’ at your wedding you will twerk finer with every passing moment…

Dancekabila: A Magical Dancing Troupe for Each of Your Occasion

India has been blessed with a brilliant dance culture where each state reflects it’s on distinct dance style. With so many dance styles and diverse themes of music, you need to hone your dancing skill rather than being an amateur performer. Dance instils a sense of celebration and opens the window of that horizon where you feel encapsulating with joy and radiance. Let your dance journey begin with us where you’ll learn diverse dance forms under the precision of great choreographers and performers. Dancekabila has the best dance troupe in India known for their charismatic and alluring performance. We perform with such elegance that the audience remains awe stuck. Be its trade shows, dealers meet, international stage show or award ceremonies our dance troupe makes every event unforgettable for you. Once you see us performing on stage you’ll want us to be a part of your next gala affair.
A dance troupe that sizzles you every time with its performance We have all seen an ordinary performa…


Events are very important for us Indians because we see it as another chance of celebration with family and friends. No celebration has anyways ever been complete without dancing which is why our dance group is here for you. Dance Kabila promises on one thing, you won’t be able to forget our performance. we aren’t just a dance company or a group of dancers who are there to dance for you. We will be there to celebrate with you and for you, to make the day even more memorable for you. The way we perform will make you go wow instantly and you wouldn’t want the performance to end anytime soon. When we say we got your back, we mean it and we plan on accomplishing any promise we make to you.
YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR RESPONSIBILTY Any kind of event you can think of where you need someone to spice it all up a little then we are here for you. Corporate events, shows, wedding performances, solo performances, belly dancing, flash mobs and even private vents are our forte. Adding a little glitter fr…

Dancekabila: The Best Dance Studio in Delhi

Dance has become the perfect dose of happiness for people of all ages. It not only keeps you physically active and well toned but also keeps you energized the whole day. A new song comes on the TV screen and the internet gets flooded with videos of complex to the easy adaption of the steps portrayed by the stars. If dance has been in your nerves and you’ve dreamt of grooving on to the music in hip-hop, classical or bhangra style then come to join us at DanceKabila. We have a team of professional choreographers and expert dance group that set the stage on fire wherever they go. We add immense liveliness and glamour to your event through our eye catchy dance steps.
Dance Kabila: A dream for every dancer Today we can’t imagine even a small event without grooving on to the music or peppy numbers. If you have the zeal to give a professional taste to your love for dance then we at Dancekabila can help you grow out as a dancer and add the professional touch that can turn you from an ordinary…